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Metro stations in Barcelona city

The metro of Barcelona is one of the most usually ways to move in the city, also to arrive to the city center. Barcelona has a wide underground system that allows you to move wherever you want throughout the city.

The metro network proper, operated by TMB, consists of 8 lines, numbered L1 to L5 and L9 to L11, and distinguished on network maps by different colours. FGC lines are numbered L6, L7 and L8. None of the Barcelona Metro lines have a name of their own but are generally referred to by their colour or by the number and the names of their termini. The Funicular de Montjuïc, a funicular railway, is fare-integrated and listed on maps as part of the metro network, being connected directly to the metro at Paral·lel station.

There are a lot of metro stations in Barcelona city center. You can see all them in this map. Some of more famous are Plaça Catalunya, Universitat, Urquinaona, Liceu, Passeig de Gràcia…

Metro stations in Barcelona city

You can buy tickets for individual journeys for the metro at  €2.00  per ticket (2013 prices). But if you are here for more than one day, we recommend to buy the T10 ticket. T10 is a card of 10 tickets (it costs 10€) that can be shared with other people. Every time someone in your group uses the T10 it counts as a separate journey. You can buy a T10 from any metro stop and from the Airport at the entrance to the RENFE train.

Although if you sleep in Barcelona City Centre you can arrive to a lot of places walking, metro is the best way to get around Barcelona, according to the citizens of this city, so become a local and get subway everywhere (but don’t forget to take a walk… Barcelona is beautiful walk!)

Sleep in the center!